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Mouth Cancer Screening

Free Referral For Expert Opinion.

Mouth cancer is a malignant growth which can occur in any part of the mouth, including tongue, lips and throat. Mouth cancer causes about 1,700 deaths per year in the UK, a higher proportion per number of cases than breast, cervical or melanoma cancers. This is due to late detection.

If a mouth cancer is spotted early, the chances of a complete cure are very good. Visit your dentist at once if you notice any abnormalities or even if you are just not sure. Sometimes a white or red patch in the mouth or tongue can develop into cancer. If any ulcer in your mouth has not healed in 2-3 weeks you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

The mouth is simple to check so it is easy to find the cancer early and have it treated and cured.

Mouth cancer can affect anyone, but smoking greatly increases your risk. Heavy drinking is also a factor, if you do both your chances of getting mouth cancer are greater. More recently HPV (human papilloma virus) the virus causing cervical cancer in women has been found to be an increasingly important factor.

We look not simply at your teeth, but at your whole mouth, it’s tissue health and it’s function. We always examine your soft tissue health at every dental health examination and regular dental check ups allow early detection of abnormalities in the mouth.

If necessary we will advise you and refer you for an expert opinion, usually to a hospital based consultant and we will do it promptly.

Please do remember the good news, If you do get mouth cancer, an early diagnosis means you have an excellent chance of cure.

Mouth Cancer Screening North Bridge Dental Clinic