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Smile Discovery Day

Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day

at The home of *pain free dentistry

Are you looking to transform your smile, At an award winning dental practice, That guarantees a straighter, whiter smile?

Money Back Guarantee

If you have answered ‘yes’, we have some fantastic news for you. We have limited spaces available on our Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day.

  • Sign up today and you will receive-
  • A Free Smile Scan & Simulation Worth £97
  • A Free Assessment With A Dentist Worth £60
  • Plus An Upgrade To Premium Whitening If You Sign Up On The Day!

The next Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day – 29/02/20. Call 0131 5161 622 And Quote “Smile Discovery Day”

What is a smile simulation? Glad you asked. We have this great piece of technology that allows us to digitally scan you smile to start with, then show you a simulation of what your smile will look like at the end of your High Speed Braces™ treatment.  Its a Risk Free way of seeing if our straight teeth treatment is right for you.


Here is Andy, One Of The Pain Free Group Dentists to explain more…


Why Choose North Bridge Dental?

Great question. North Bridge Dental are part of the Pain Free Dentistry Group, who have been transforming smiles in Scotland for over 10 years. During that time we have amassed many online 5 star reviews. In addition the Pain Free Dentistry Group picked up a number of Dentistry Awards. such as the award for “Best Practice In Scotland”, “Best Treatment Of Nervous Patients” and “Best Patient Care”. The whole team here works extremely hard to ensure that you have the best possible dental experience.

In addition to the awards, the Pain Free Dentistry Group are also the largest provider of Invisalign in Scotland and have been classed as a Cfast Centre Of Excellence. 

Centre Of Excellence


What About The Cost?

We’re glad you asked. Did you know that straight teeth treatment is a lot more affordable than you think, especially with our payment plans and finance options. Its impossible to give you a price for you straight teeth treatment, but what we can do is give you an estimate, so that you know yourself if its something that is within your budget. 

Our lowest cost treatment works out at £39.40 per month over 5 years, that a total of £2800. And the most expensive treatment would be £67.54 per month over 5 years, a total of £4900.

We don’t do hidden costs, so all the treatment costs will be detailed and explained to you before you start your smile transformation. 


Show me an example of a straight teeth smile simulation


Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day Straight Teeth Smile Discovery Day


Meet Your Smile Simulation Team…

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What Is The Next Step?

Call 0131 5161 622 And Quote “Smile Discovery Day”

If you would like to sign up to our Free Straight Teeth Smile Discovery day, just pop your details in the form below, give us a call or send us a Facebook message and we will arrange an appointment for you. Its risk free remember. You get to see what your smile could look like at the end of your treatment. You can also ask as many questions as you like as our smile advisors will be on hand to help you. 

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We hate spam and will never rent or sell your details to anybody

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Are you ready to transform your smile?

Take the next step to a fantastic new smile with a complimentary consultation with our smile advisor. Just call 01450 372187 or click on the button below to arrange your Complimentary Consultation

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Disclaimer: Shorter Term Orthodontics Provides A Relatively Fast Improvement In Cosmetic Alignment Of The Front Teeth. The Technique Doesn't Always Address A Patient’s Bite/Fit Of The Back Teeth As Much As Comprehensive Orthodontics. While In The Past It Was Thought That Doing Orthodontics Faster Would Be Harmful To The Teeth New Studies Suggest Shorter Times In Braces May Have Benefits. Every Treatment Has Risks And Rewards That Will Be Discussed On An Individual Basis. North Bridge Are General Dentists Who Refer Difficult Orthodontic Treatment To A Respected Specialist.