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Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Bruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding and/or clenching.

Many people grind and/or clench their teeth without problems but a large number suffer severe symptoms ranging from headaches to painful jaw and neck ache.

Burxism can occur whilst awake but nearly 80% of clenching and grinding occurs subconsciously during sleep and is typically associated with stress and anxiety.

Involving some of your most powerful muscles, studies have shown that during sleep, patients can exert 20% more pressure than is possible whilst awake.

Intense and repeated contraction of the muscles can result in both inflammation of the muscle itself and tooth wear. The surrounding tissue and joints can also become seriously impacted and migraine like headaches are common especially on waking.

A dental night splint or sleep clenching inhibitor are both devices which prevent Bruxism and can be life changing for many patients. The dental splint is worn at night and prevents teeth wear caused by teeth grinding and  the sleep clenching inhibitor sits between you front teeth, preventing the back teeth from making contact. In doing so, clench intensity is minimized and grinding becomes almost impossible by preventing the unwanted muscle activity, the tension that causes migraines, headaches and jaw and neck pain is greatly reduced.

Dental Night Splint Price From £80

Sleep Clenching Inhibitor Price From £350

20% discount applies to all plan members

Contact the practice to book your consultation appointment with our dental clinician Mihaela Florescu or if you would like more information on this product book an appointment with our Treatment Co-Ordinator Ashley.

Sleep Clenching Inhibitor provided by S4Sdental

Sleep Clenching Inhibitor provided by S4Sdental

Dental Night Splint custom made for upper or lower arch

Dental Night Splint custom made for upper or lower arch