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Tooth Whitening

Teeth can become stained by the food and drinks we consume, as well as smoking. Many patients also notice that their natural bright white smile has gradually yellowed during the ageing process.

Tooth Whitening is the perfect treatment for you to lighten you teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces allowing you to regain your beautiful white smile!

Teeth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth however the degree of whitening achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of process chosen.

The only way to ensure your teeth whitening treatment is safe is to opt for a dentist prescribed whitening product. Teeth whitening prescribed by anyone but a dentist is illegal and potentially dangerous.

At North Bridge Dental we are proud to use WhiteWash a range of premium quality teeth whitening products Exclusive to dental practices.

Tooth Whitening will NOT have an effect on white fillings, crowns or bridgework. Please speak to your dentist or Ashley our Treatment Co-Ordinator about the best tooth whitening system for you.

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WhiteWash® featured in

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Whitening Trays with Gel

Teeth Whitening Package £250

Professional Whitening Trays with Gel

This is the best way to whiten you teeth in terms of resulting shade change and length of results.

We will take an impression of your teeth and have custom whitening trays made for you. This will take about 7-10 days but it is definitely worth the wait to have perfectly fitting bleaching trays.

You can then choose between day time bleaching gel (6% Hydrogen Peroxide) which is worn for 60-90 minutes or a night time bleaching gel (10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide) which is worn in bed over night. Results are basically identical regardless of which system you chose, it is more a matter of discussing with our treatment co-ordinator which treatment will fit best with your lifestyle.

Application Time : 60-90 mins or 4-8 hours overnight

Treatment Length : 14-21 days

Results Last : 12 – 24 months

Price : £250

20% discount does NOT apply to this treatment